Aishwarya Rai Acted Movie Sowing in Star Cinaplex

Since 03/07/09 Aishwarya Rai Acted Hollywood Movie “Pink Panther-2” is sowing in Bangladesh. But where do you know? It’s not so far its you known place it’s at Star Cinaplex in Basundara City Market. So Friends why late go to the Bosundara city and Enjoy this Movie.

Sherlyn Chopra - Desperate For Sex


Sherlyn Chopra expressed her view on female sexuality , “Sex is very important for me. There’s no greater pleasure than a good sex session. I even use sex toys as I think no man can satisfy me completely.”

“My USP is my effortless sexuality,” she goes on to add. “All it takes is just one look. My photos are so fabulous that any curator would put them in a museum.”

But alas people at Yash Raj didn’t buy her claim and asked her to enhance her curves for her role in their film which also stars Shahid Kapur and Rani Mukherjee in lead roles.

According to a source, Chopra plays a small role of a siren in the film. She has to look voluptuous and well-rounded at all the right places in her body. At present Sherlyn is next to Kareena Kapoor in figure, that is size-zero. So the banner has asked her to put on some weight.

Sherlyn, who is presently working on her latest album ‘Dard-e-Sherlyn’, says she herself was surprised by the YRF’s requirement. She will also undergo a one-month workshop session to enhance her ‘acting skills’ before shooting the film.

Sherlyn Chopra Now Hottest Internet Celebrity

Sherlyn Chopra Now Hottest Internet Celebrity

Now, Sherlyn Chopra is the hottest favourite celebrity of netizens in India. Just forget Aishwarya Rai or Katrina Kaif.

Bold and beautiful girl Sherlyn, who started her Bollywood career with a series of duds, soon received the title of ‘most down loadable assets’ on the Internet, and quite deserving so. Unlike other Bollywood actress, this gal has no inhibitions of any kind to bare her skin to the camera.

She was quoted as saying, “I reiterate that I don’t have any hang ups about the roles I play even if it means wearing bikinis as I know I can carry it off tastefully. I wanted to be an actress first and foremost and that is my ultimate goal.”

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